We have an exciting assortment of Inflatables/Games to make your event one to remember, please see below Gladiator duel, The mega slide, Radar Shootout, sumo wrestling, superhero wrestling.

Gladiator Duel

Gladiator Duel Inflatable  Gladiator Duel Inflatable

"Do you have a grudge to settle or just love battering your mates?" Then why not do it in the safety of our Gladiator Duel. Take on your opponent and the loser falls to the soft landing of the crash bed and shamed.
Boundaround Inflatables once again a first in safety have had a wall fitted for your protection, which most do not have.
Serious fun for all ages as long as you can pick up the battering ram you can play.
Included-2 Helmets, 2 Battering rams, 2 Podiums and the crash bed.


Radar Shootout   Radar Shootout   

Three ways to play this game, one is to try and score in one of the holes at the back, two is to kick the ball towards the radar to see how fast you can kick, or why not try and combine the two. This can be used for any ball game, ie Rugby, American Football or Tennis. This is a very addictive and also competitive game and will keep you amused all day.

Super Sumos

Super Sumo Suits   Super Sumo Suits

These are our genuine Super sumo suits as seen on TV. A great addition to your event and a sure way to have you all in fits of laughter.
Don't accept the cheaper alternatives some others offer for hire!

   Please check with us on ordering the larger units as they are very large and heavy when rolled, to ensure access is ok to where the unit is to be erected and gate widths are sufficient etc Thank you


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